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Eternit. The original company in the leadership of innovations.


Eternit Slovenija d. o. o. is a leading company in the region of South-East Europe, dealing with the production and marketing of roof and facade fibre cement products, excelling in high quality and in environment and energy efficiency. The company was established on March 10, 1998, as the company ESAL d.o.o., by signing the contract on joint investment between the companies Eternit (Schweiz) AG, Switzerland and Salonit Anhovo d.d., Anhovo, Slovenia; from which the first letters of the names of both companies composed the name of the new company. In 2017 the company was renamed in Eternit Slovenija d.o.o.. Regarding the quality, Eternit products are ranked on the top of the fibre cement products in Europe.

Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. represents the trademark of the advanced and endurable material of fibre cement. The establishment of the company is a result of the Act Prohibiting production and Trade of Asbestos Products and Restructuring the Asbestos Industry, adopted in 1996, and, in compliance with this, the cessation of the production of the asbestos cement panels and pipes in Salonit Anhovo. The market requirements of the modern customer, asking for the environmentally irreproachable products, also contributed to the creation of the company.

The company acts in the market with the portfolio of three sales programmes: roof coverings, facade panels, and garden& interior. The main activity is production of fibre cement corrugated roof sheets, and hand moulding of  different roofing closure elements. The company is specialized also in the domain of marketing of the facade systems. From the year 2002 the company has been authorized for the complete commercial and technical support to the distributers of Swisspearl systems in the region of Aouth-East Europe.

In addition to the Slovenian market, which has the biggest share in the total sales, Eternit Slovenija has also been spreading its markets in numerous countries in Europe and in America. 

The top-level quality of products from Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. is assured by the world known Swiss technology for the production of fibre cement products. It has been developed on the base of several years continous research already in the seventies by the Swiss company Eternit.

A long-standing Swiss tradition on the one hand, and the susceptibility of the young company to meet the needs of the modern customer, on the other hand, they perform together the main mission of the company Eternit Slovenija d.o.o., which is in the supply customers with excellent products, continuous development of fiber cement program and internationalization.


Swisspearl Group

The leader in high-quality fibre cement  - Swisspearl Group AG

Swisspearl Group AG and their subsidiaries Eternit (Switzerland) AG, Eternit-Werke Ludwig Hatschek GmbH, Eternit Slovenija d.o.o., FibreCem Deutschland GmbH and Promat AG are counted among the leading manufacturers of fiber cement in Europe.

With innovative products and services, the Swisspearl Group is responsible for the sustainable and aesthetic habitats around the world. Innovation, technology and high quality are the main objectives of the companies operating within the group, and they are more than an ideal partner for roofs, facades, gardens, interiors and other accessories that we need for a comfortable and aesthetic stay.

Sustainable, ecological and advanced thinking and performance, as well as a corporate culture based on mutual respect and the highest appreciation for customers, are the basis for the successful future of the Swisspearl Group AG.

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The direction of Eternit Slovenija d.o.o. is to consolidate the image of a reliable supplier of building materials, which in addition to high quality products offers also high quality technical assistance at all stages of project realization till the fiber cement products are installed.

The vision of the company is to keep the position of the leading supplier of the high  quality roof and facade fibre cement products in Slovenia, as well as on the markets of South-East Europe.


We are dealing with the needs of people and we believe in our employees. Their passion is the capital of our brands. We act responsibly, genuinely and sustainabley - so that our customers and partners trust in each our shakehand.

We look at things differently, but we want to achieve the best  in everything we do. We create quality living spaces. Our expectations regarding the design guide our thinking and behavior, but we also believe that design is good only if it is trully functional. We believe in the power of ideas and in the fact that future success can be achieved with products which are currently not yet known.

Strategic guidelines and goals:

- the company wants to keep the position of a leading supplier of the high  quality roof and facade fibre cement products in Slovenia, as well as on the markets of the South-East Europe;
- to achieve a significant position on the Slovenian roof market;
- to achieve constant economic growth of revenue, profit, added value and profitability.