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High quality roofing materials must satisfy at least three very important factors, such as architecture of the building, climatic conditions and the economy. Roof coverings from Eternit Slovenija, are very well suited for new buildings as well as for renovations of facilities and also meet all the requirements of modern construction. They provide a pleasant, safe and carefree living and contribute to the superior architectural solutions and environmental protection.


Clever fibre-cement facade. Full protection and clean aesthetics and design freedom without limits.

Facade is the final element of any building. The first, lasting impression. It is a reflection of architectural creativity and the space for recognition and differentiation. Moreover facade serves as a protective envelope for the building. Its long lifetime ensures lasting comfort. Swisspearl® facades combine boundless diversity of design and long- lasting functional reliability, for the highest living standards.


A completely new dimension of life and experience.

Well-known designers create exclusive products forgarden and interior with the fiber cement materials , which combines the emotional aesthetics, outstanding design and functionality.


Individual House

Wine House Austria

Office Building SAP

Social Appartments